FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

General FAQ

How much are you saving?
Compared with retail stores, you can save between 30% to 50% depending on what kind of batteries you are getting.

What are the quality of the batteries ?
All batteries are made of the same basic material, so there are not many differences between different brands of batteries. You should select batteries based on your usage and price preference.

How can I contact you ?
Please send e-mail to “support@javabattery.com”.

Is there volume discounts on large orders ?
We offer volume discount on Vinnic batteries. Please contact us at sales@javabattery.com for a price quote.

Do you accept international orders ?
Sorry, we currently do not accept orders that are shipped outside of The United States.

What is your Privacy and Security Policy ?
We highly value your trust with us and work tirelessly to protect any information you share with us. We use SSL to protect your name, address and e-mail address and CC information. SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer and this standard technology encrypts data transfers across the internet. SSL encryption protects all of our customers’ transaction details as they are passed back and forth between their computer and our server/domain.

As soon as the customer logs in or clicks on the “Checkout” button, a SSL link(session) will be established between you and our server. Any information you provide will then be transmitted in an encrypted manner. Once the transaction is completed, credit card information are discarded and are not stored on our web server.

There is no company that is 100% safe from attack by criminal groups. Criminal attacks and bogus CC numbers have cost consumers/business thousands of dollars. This is a costly part of business on the web. We will not sell or rent your name, address, e-mail address or purchase history to any other company or person. We use your name and address to send your orders, our catalogs and newsletters. We e-mail your order acknowledgement, confirmation and shipping details.

Ordering FAQ

What payment methods are accepted on the website ?
We currently accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express. We do NOT accept any ATM card or gift card which has Visa or Mastercard logo. Please make sure to type your credit card’s billing address during check out. Fail to do so may delay the shipment as we may need more information to continue processing the order.
If you choose to pay by check, please contact us before sending the check to us. Orders must be fully paid before we send out the shipments.

When will my credit card be charged for my order ?
We charge to your credit card only after your order has been shipped.

How much will be charge on my credit card ?
We will charge you for the total amount for the goods purchased, plus shipping charge and applicable taxes if your shipping address is within California.

Does your price include shipping charge ?
No. Shipping charges are added to your order based on how much your order weighs and what shipping method you choose.

Do I need to pay sales taxes ?
If your mailing address is within the state of California, we will charge a 8.25% sales tax. All other states within the U.S. have NO sales tax. All sales taxes are collected on behalf of the state of California.